Board Responsibilities

The Education Partnership
A partnership exists between the school board and the Ministry of Education. This partnership is articulated in a school's charter. Every state and state integrated school must have a charter that gives consideration to local needs and priorities. It is the key guiding document for the board and contains the mission, aims, objectives, directions, and targets of the board that will give effect to the  National Education Guidelines and the board's priorities. This charter is a binding agreement between the Minister of Education and the board. 

The School Board's Role
First and foremost boards are accountable for student achievement. They exercise this prime accountability by providing an environment for the delivery of quality educational outcomes. They are responsible for ensuring they focus their strategic planning on improving student achievement and teaching and learning programmes. 

The changes to board planning and reporting brought about by changes to the Education Act  in 2001 has meant that boards need to ensure their strategy for the above is well informed. This requires the board to:
  • use up to date externally referenced achievement information, eg, asTTle, NCEA results
  • use data to identify strengths and weaknesses
  • analyse closely, continually monitoring progress towards targets
  • make adjustments as necessary

The school  board has the overall responsibility for the school including certain legal obligations covering responsibility for property, personnel, the proper management of school finances, reporting to the Ministry and school community, and the charter. These are outlined in the National Education Guidelines. 

School boards ensure effective delivery of the curriculum, are the employer of staff, establish goals, develop and review policies, monitor performance, and employ, support, and manage the principal. 

While the ultimate authority for education rests with the Ministry and school boards, other stakeholders have key roles in the delivery of education. Parents, whanau and caregivers, students, principals and staff all contribute as members of the partnership.