CARE Cards

At Bishodpale we CARE.

Bishopdale School is a PB4L school (Positive Behaviour For Learning). We talk about our expectations through the use of the word CARE.

CARING - KUMANU (to tend carefully, foster, attend to, care for, cherish)

ACHIEVEMENT - TUTUKI (reach the farthest limit)

RESPONSIBILITY - HAEPAPA (to be responsible, reliable)

ENTHUSIASM - HAUORAORA (be lively, animated, enthusiastic, spirited.)

How do we use CARE cards?
At Bishopdale we give out CARE cards when students display these expected behaviours. This happens frequently. Last term we handed out 2230 CARE cards and our top students received more than 30 cards in one term!

Students will get CARE cards for doing normal things as well as for making a special effort. Students will talk to you about getting CARE cards for being at school on time, wearing uniform, being organised, doing school work, reading books, saying hello, looking after their equipment, being positive and so on!

In 2018 our students will be aiming to receive at least 120 cards over the year.

All CARE cards are included in a fortnightly prize draw using a wheel spinner at assembly. 
6 prizes are awarded each fortnight. 

CARE awards
80 CARE cards with 20 of each CARE value will earn a student a CARE drink bottle.
120 CARE cards with at least 25 for each of the CARE values will earn the student a CARE t-shirt (which may be worn at school).

In 2018 all students who receive a CARE bottle will have their photo displayed in the office.

Class awards
Each day classes hold a class draw for minor prizes and acknowledgements using all CARE cards given out each day. 

Bishopdale CARE 2016

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