Published on Monday, 9 April 2018, 10:11 a.m. Print Article

Congratulations to all of the students who took part in the school cross country. It was a fun day. All of the students displayed our CARE values and can be proud of themselves.



Year 6 competition

(5 laps)

1st Reza Rafyee

2nd Grayson Poudyel

3rd Xzavyer McDonald

4th Ashton Smith

1st Shakaia Clemens

2nd Isabel Carroll

3rd Haya Romero

Year 5 competition

(5 laps)

1st Abul Fazl Hossaini

1st Mahli-Khol McClay

Senior challenge race

(2 laps)

1st Chia Omidi

2nd Jessie James Breiter

3rd Lakia Zeigler

1st Ashley Bruzo

2nd Teresa Yu

3rd  Peyton Carroll

Rm 12

1st Preston Jones

2nd Anugrah Poudyel

3rd Lucas Cleverly

1st Keeley McDonald

2nd Zainab Masoomi

3rd Zainab Shafiyee

Rm 11

1st Braxton Turi

2nd = Caleb Jordan

2nd = Raiden Gardner

1st Faalavelave Masoe

2nd Monique Leggett

3rd Clover Spicer

Rm 7&8

Tamatea Hall-Tima

Nikau Harding

Blake Ellis

Lily Carroll

Mary Ysabel Tabuena

Bethany Ischia